About Tom Philp

Tom was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Growing up the heartland, Tom learned early on that people have an incredible capacity to overcome adversity and accomplish amazing personal and professional success. He also learned that they have an uncanny ability to impose self-limiting roadblocks which thwart their capabilities and cause frustrations in living. Tom came to believe that people and relationships are the most important things in life. As such, he wanted to dedicate himself to helping others achieve more from living.

Tom brings to bear all his skills and experiences to help others find greater meaning and more fulfillment in life and work. “Human beings have a unique ability to project themselves into the future and create the reality in which they want to live,” says Tom. “But they often struggle when they try to do it alone. What they need is someone to help them, someone who is rooting for them to be successful, and someone who is going to challenge them to grow and develop to reach their potential.”

Tom understands people. After a dozen years working with individuals, families and organizations, Tom has grown to appreciate the diversity of others, their capacity to overcome obstacles, and their creativity in designing a preferred future for themselves. Tom still believes that people and relationships are the most important thing, which is why he works to impact as many lives as he can as a licensed professional counselor in Tulsa.