Tulsa Marriage & Couples Counseling


Congratulations on finding the courage to seek professional help! You are taking the most important step toward helping yourself and your relationship to grow in a more positive direction. We know that it is not easy to admit you need help, but it is a courageous step in the right direction. Marriage counseling can be life changing and will help you build the relationship and healthy communication skills you’ve always wanted. Stonebridge Family Therapy specializes in marriage counseling for married couples and couples engaged to be married. Tom Philp’s experienced and proven marriage counseling strategies have equipped couples to establish and maintain a healthy relationship. We foster a deeply caring, non-judgmental atmosphere where you can feel fully seen and supported. Incorporated into our marriage and relationship counseling are many distinct areas of therapy that can often contribute to a deteriorating relationship.

  • Emotional & Physical Infidelity
  • Anger & Stress Related Issues
  • Sexual Problems
  • Separation & Divorce Prevention
  • Trust Issues
  • Over Controlling Spouse
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Substance Abuse
  • Interference from Family Members
  • Blended Families
  • Conflicting Ideas (i.e., raising children)
  • Major Life Changes
  • Cultural differences
  • Mental Illness
  • Physical Disability

A healthier relationship begins with taking the first step. Contact us today for a free phone consultation 918-398-7868 or click below.

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Couples Counseling Tulsa

Completing honest and challenging relationship exercises can go a long way towards preventing devastating marital & relationship problems.

Couples should ask themselves the following questions:

  1. Are your expectations about your marriage or relationship realistic?
  2. Do you know what the most common problems in marriages and relationships are?
  3. Have you completely discussed the wide variety of issues that can prove to be problematic in relationships?
  4. Do you know what issues you bring to the relationship that were developed from the family you were raised with?
  5. Would you like to ensure that you have the skills to deal effectively with the issues that will present themselves in your relationship?

If you and your partner are interested in pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling, or simply some relationship guidance, here are some guiding principles to get the most out of your relationship.

First, choose a licensed professional marriage counselor in Tulsa or qualified therapist who has insight and experience with marriage and couples counseling. Next, make sure the counselor you choose will be the right fit for you and your partner by making an appointment. Research indicates when there is a connection between the counselor and patients, the probability for successful therapy sessions increase dramatically. Relationship counseling isn’t effective if secrets are kept, or if one patient is not committed to the therapy process. Both people must be committed to the process and trust the therapist’s knowledge and experience. Remember—couples must make time to discuss their issues outside of therapy. Every good relationship requires time and consistent effort from both parties, and this cannot be achieved in one session per week with a licensed Tulsa marriage therapist. Finally, consider giving your spouse or fiance’ the benefit of the doubt. When we focus on believing the best in those we love, they often rise to the occasion.

When to Begin Counseling

Starting marriage and relationship counseling, in a way, is similar to starting a new exercise regimen. More often than not, people say they want to get more exercise in order to lose weight and stay healthy, but their biggest drawback is waiting for life to slow down long enough so they can make time to exercise. What many of us have found out is that life never slows down, and the best time to start is now. There will rarely seem like an opportune time to begin couples or marriage counseling; most of the time it will seem inconvenient. Stonebridge Family Therapy specializes in helping couples realign their priorities in order to see the value and importance of their relationship in the proper perspective.

Don’t wait! At Stonebridge Family Therapy is the safe place to start the journey on the road to a healthy relationship. Schedule an appointment with our licensed professional marriage and family therapist today or give us a call now for more information 918-398-7678.