Good Mental Health – Introduction

This is the beginning of a new year. Therefore, we should start fresh and consider the year 2015 as the year of good mental health. But what is good mental health? Does it mean less stress, more exercise, or eating healthy? While those things are important for brain heath, they are not exactly considered good mental health. When I speak of good mental health I mean cultivating certain capacities within ourselves that lead to certain outcomes. For example, who wouldn’t want to be more resilient in the face of unexpected setbacks? Who wouldn’t want to handle our emotions in a more mature manner that has a less negative impact on our self and others? Who wouldn’t want to communicate with our spouse in a way that makes us feel closer and more understood? These are all outcomes of good mental health. But what are the capacities? Good mental health consists of the following six capacities:

  1. Strong attachments
  2. Containing and understanding our emotions
  3. Setting healthy boundaries for self and other
  4. Integrating the good and bad in ourselves and the good and bad in others
  5. Spiritual development
  6. Realistic self-esteem
  7. Insight into our thoughts, feelings, wishes, and motivations

Over the next few months we will be diving into each one of the mental health items as we explore what they mean, how they relate to our life and our relationships, and how to cultivate each one of these to function better in our own life.

If you are struggling with with any of the capabilities above that may interfere with your work and relationships, then you should call a Licensed Mental Health Therapist to help. At Stonebridge Family Therapy, we specialize in relationship issues and would be happy to speak to you about your life and your loves. Take the first step to a healthy relationship and call us at 918-398-7678.

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