Couple on a Walk

Enjoy Time Together


We've compiled this list of date day/night ideas for you. We encourage you to make dates together consistent and a priority. Put it on the calendar and enjoy this time together!

  1. Go on a picnic together

  2. Watch a romantic movie

  3. Take a walk/hike together

  4. Recreate your first date

  5. Have a game night (examples: Playstation, board games, cards, etc.)

  6. Cook a fancy meal together

  7. Listen to your favorite music together

  8. Watch the sunset/sunrise together

  9. Celebrate a significant milestone in your relationship (examples: first date, anniversary)

  10. Attend or watch a sports game together

  11. Volunteer together

  12. Sing karaoke together

  13. Attend a paint and sip class (in person or virtual)

  14. Go to a farmers market together