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Thinking of You


We've compiled this list of ideas you can text/email your partner to let him/her know you are thinking of them!

  1. I am thinking of you right now.

  2. A memory of a favorite trip or vacation we shared together

  3. A memory of when we laughed together

  4. Something I noticed you did for me or the family when you didn’t realize I was watching

  5. Things I love about you

  6. Last night was amazing.

  7. You are the best... (examples: partner, parent, friend, etc.)

  8. I love seeing you at your best when you…

  9. I miss you right now.

  10. You are such a hard worker.

  11. I really appreciate how you...

  12. I’m so proud of you.

  13. Thank you for being you.

  14. I love when you hold me.


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