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Often when we feel upset in a conflict with a partner, we respond defensively in order to protect ourselves.


Fueled by emotion during such times, most couples are less aware of the words they are saying to one another than the feelings and meanings behind those words. 


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Our Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

We find ourselves in unusual and unprecedented times. With the spread of COVID-19, social distancing, and flattening the curve, we are forced to change our daily routines, and in some cases, severely alter our usual lifestyle.


While this is no time to panic, it is a time to stay safe and vigilant and adhere to the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, as well as, local and state government.  

Stonebridge is currently open for business.
We are following social distancing guidelines during therapy sessions, are vigilant about maintaining a clean office environment, and are telling all who are feeling sick or have a sick family member to remain at home.

We understand if you are unable to come in, or don’t feel comfortable coming in, for a one-on-one session or couples session, and as a replacement we are offering telehealth service options, as well. We want to be here for you and your family in these confusing times.  

There is no more effective way to calm fear than to connect with the ones you love. Hearing the familiar voice of a loved one and looking at pictures of beloved family members are ways to soothe the anxiety we might feel in these times.

Having access to accurate information is also very important.  We will continue to monitor updates and encourage you to do the same. You too can stay informed about COVID-19 by visiting websites such as:


-The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:  https://www.cdc.gov/

-Tulsa Health Department:  https://www.tulsa-health.org/ 

-Oklahoma State Department of Health:  https://coronavirus.health.ok.gov

-World Health Organization:  https://www.who.int/ 


In the past Americans have always endured hard times - this is no different. We will rise to the occasion, pull together, and get through this as one community. We want you to stay safe, physically and emotionally, and we are here to help should you need us. 

Kind Regards, 

Tom Philp, CEO

Stonebridge Couples Therapy



We all desire a relationship where happiness thrives. All too often, though, we struggle with skills to sustain happy, healthy relationships. 

• We want to feel loved, desired and accepted with a partner who is kind, honest and caring. 

• We want a relationship where we feel seen, heard and understood.

• We want emotional and physical intimacy.
• We need loving support, validation, empathy, compassion and trust.

• Sometimes we need forgiveness and the strength to work through our difficulties.

You are not alone


Have you ever thought or said:

• "I don't feel like you even see me!"
• "Where is the person I fell in love with?"

• "How could you betray me?"

• "We can't talk to each other anymore."

• "We fight all the time."

• "Can you hear me, are you listening?"

Feeling stuck?
Couples often say in therapy...
"We want to change what we are doing, but we don't know how."

The therapists at Stonebridge are trained to help you change the destructive patterns that are disrupting your happiness.

We're here to help


At Stonebridge we understand distressed relationships and how this creates loneliness, hurt and frustration that make it even more difficult to connect to the one person you want to understand you more than anyone else.

We are licensed, experienced professionals, specializing in marriage and couples therapy. We devote 100% of our time helping couples transform from surviving to thriving. 

"I was nervous! Tom made me feel so comfortable and taught me different techniques to apply. I left every session feeling hopeful and renewed. The money and time was well worth it. Thank you Tom for all your help."

- Leslie (Tulsa)

Our Commitment


You and your partner will learn how to:​

  • BREAK THE NEGATIVE CYCLES that keep you feeling emotionally stuck.

  • Learn how to MEET YOUR PARTNER'S NEEDS so your partner feels more loved and accepted.

  • LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE your own wants and needs.

  • CREATE MORE EMPATHY between you and your partner so that you both feel more seen and understood.

  • REPLACE LONELINESS and frustration with connection.

  • HEAL THE PAST HURTS that hold you back from being loved by your partner.

  • Learn how to “play” more and celebrate your love with a DEEPER SENSE OF CONNECTION.

"We went to a few counselors before [Tom] and saw the  same routine with the same ineffective results. Tom helped break through some very stubborn barriers and guided us to be able to really hear each other. We are  constantly sending people his way. You will be grateful for employing his services. I know we were!!"

- Ryan (Tulsa)

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