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GrowingTogether Webinar

4 Steps to Deeper Connection & Better Communication

Thursday, July 28  •  7:30pm CDT 

How much can change in 1 hour?

During the 1-hour GrowingTogether webinar, we give you insights, tools, and resources (from a licensed couples therapist) that you can use immediately to deepen the connection and improve communication with your partner.


What will I receive with my ticket?

Live webinar with a professionally licensed couples therapist

Live question & answer session (confidential)

Workbook that includes all the resources and activities taught in the webinar

Tools to get started immediately improving your relationship

Additional resources to help on your journey toward growing together as a couple

Replay link to watch a recording of the webinar (in case you miss it or want a refresh)

Why does it have to be so hard?!

I hear this a lot from couples who talk with me. They’ll say things like, “It seems like we fight over nothing,” and, “We can’t communicate or get on the same page.” 

I see them struggle trying to discuss parenting issues, housework, sex, and finances. I see the hurt and anger over not feeling heard and understood. And I see the loneliness of not feeling connected. 

What if there were a better way?

  • What if couples could recognize when they start to disconnect and stop it sooner, so it doesn’t escalate?

  • What if they could talk about what was really happening between them, instead of getting caught up in who said what to whom?

  • What if they could learn to build trust and acceptance, instead of sowing seeds of doubt and rejection?

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Couples need the know-how, along with the tools and techniques, sooner rather than later.

You need a straightforward, practical approach to help you solve your problems. 

This is what the GrowingTogether method is all about— providing you and your partner the tools and insights you need to repair conflict faster, communicate better, and stay connected.


To be clear, we're not offering a quick-fix scheme. All relationships take work! What we are offering is a science-based approach that has helped thousands of couples, that is easy to understand with immediate application.


Are you ready to do something different and get a different result?

Let’s get started! 

Tom Philp, LPC & CEO

Stonebridge Couples Therapy

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Tom’s Bio

Hi, I’m Tom Philp. I’m a husband of 21 years, a father, and a licensed therapist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I founded Stonebridge Couples Therapy 10 years ago because I am passionate about helping couples.


I wanted to create a place where couples could get help through personalized therapy, and solid, practical, science-based training for their relationships.

I have presented at local and national conferences, marriage retreats, and seminars on couples therapy and relational issues and have been interviewed by local TV stations (KTUL Channel 8 and KOTV Channel 6) to share my expertise.

When I’m not working, you will find me hanging out with my wife and two boys, going hiking, camping, reading, or just relaxing and playing my guitar.


Here’s what GrowingTogether is all about...

Understanding the Rupture/Repair Process


What you’ve always learned about conflict is wrong!


Conflict is not about your partner being against you, nor is it about who can win or make the most rational argument. You’ll learn that healthy conflict is the engine that creates growth within yourself and between you and your partner.

Step #1

Stop Old Repetitive

You'll learn to identify and acknowledge times of disconnection, before they escalate.

Step #3

Communicate for

You'll learn to listen non-judgmentally while focusing the conversations in ways that allow each partner to feel heard.

Step #2

Get to the Root of the

You'll learn to recognize an “old wound” that gets triggered and how it shapes your view of yourself and your partner.

Step #4

Build Trust and

You'll learn to build trust by forgiving hurts and disappointments and staying ‘in-tune’ with each other’s emotional life.


What you’ll learn from GrowingTogether:

  • Understand how “old wounds” get triggered and cause disconnection

  • Lessen the time of disconnecting by making faster repair attempts

  • Develop new tools and techniques for connecting with your partner

  • Create a shared language to identify what is happening in the relationship

  • Learn new coping strategies

  • Improve communication

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GrowingTogether includes:

Live webinar with a professionally licensed couples’ therapist
Live question and answer session
Workbook that includes all the resources and activities taught in the webinar
Tools to get started immediately improving your relationship
Additional resources to help on your journey toward growing together as a couple
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