How We Work

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in 12-16 weeks

Stonebridge offers an exceptional team of therapists with backgrounds and expertise to assist you and your partner.


OUR GOAL: To create a more secure, affectionate & intimate relationship between you and your partner starting from where you are now.



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How does it work?

We move couples from distressed, to safe and secure using the latest approaches to the science of relationships. Our process allows couples to track where they are in therapy and to understand each stage. We believe therapy should be transparent, never a surprise. We believe the couple/individual should clearly understand the goals and the process. 

Our Bridge of Transformation process guides couples through the following steps:


1. Assess Couple Capabilities

We see the couple together the first time, then have individual session with each partner, to assess the couple's capabilities, strengths, and challenges.

2. ​Track Patterns of Interaction

This step creates insight and understanding for the couple around their positive and negative interaction cycles. By tracking these cycles, the couple begins to understand the deeper emotional wants and needs behind the disconnection. 

3. Heal Past Hurts
This step helps the couple understand their vulnerabilities and those “hooks” that pull them into the cycle. There is also understanding around the blocks that prevent one or the other partner from internalizing the new behaviors/attitudes/words from the other partner. Healing past hurts involves reaching down to the rawest places we keep hidden that prevent us from loving and being loved more deeply. 

4. Renew, Reconnect, and Celebrate!
This part of the process allows the couple to find new ways to communicate, connect and be happy together.


Lasting results!

Our couples continue to see benefits months down the road. 

We take a focused approach and give you tools to create sustainable change in how you see each other and how you approach your relationship.

Whatever your need: better communication, divorce prevention, closer intimacy, affair recovery etc. we have the professional training and experience to guide you to a better relationship.

Take a step toward a fresh start in your relationship. Invest in your long-term happiness together! Schedule a visit today!



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