Do the Hard Stuff: Perseverance

Tom Philp, LPC & CEO, shares his story of hiking 50 miles in 9 days in New Mexico and explains how perseverance can help achieve success in life & relationships.

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Vlog Transcript:

Hi, I’m Tom Philp from Stonebridge Couples Therapy. A couple of weeks ago, I just got back from a nine-day backpacking trip trek in northern New Mexico. We had a fantastic time; there were a total of 10 of us. We hiked 50 miles in nine days, which for this old guy that was pretty darn good.

There were times where there were some difficult treks, some difficult days. One day we had to traverse 43 stream crossings before we were able to then ascend a thousand vertical feet up to get to our camp. There were days where we dropped several thousand feet going down. So, when you're not used to that kind of altitude, that can make for some rough treks, but it really reminded me of something and how important it is to do difficult things.

When we came back and was all done, of course, we felt great, we got some fresh pizza, we slept in soft beds instead of on our bedrolls for nine nights, but upon reflecting, what it really reminded me of is that, difficult things are worth doing. I remember when my sons were small and they would encounter some kind of difficult task that they were learning.

Oftentimes we had to help them have the perseverance to stick with it until they got it done, that's in part how they learned to persevere through difficulty and I think sometimes, even as adults, we kind of move through our day, moving from one task to another and maybe often don't take the time to reflect on the difficult tasks that lay ahead of us and the reward in doing that. So, I think coming back and reflecting off this trip, what it really reminded me of is that, things that are difficult are worth doing and you can do them, you have everything inside you you need to persevere and get through difficult times and difficult tasks.

We're in difficult times right now with the economy, with Covid. Maybe you find yourself in a difficult relationship or a difficult job and I just want to encourage you, wherever you find yourself right now, you've got it within you to persevere. You've got all you need inside of you to get through and do the hard things you need to do to make it through, because sometimes that breakthrough is right around the corner and if you stop and if you quit and you back off, you'll never get there, you'll never make it through that breakthrough. So, persevere, I believe in you, it was a good reminder to me going on this trek recently, that I can do hard things as well. No matter what lays ahead of us in our life, we've got all we need inside of us to persevere.

I'm Tom Philp from Stonebridge Couples Therapy. I encourage you to come to our website and check it out, we've got videos, we've got blogs, we've got eBooks there for everybody. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call. Thanks for watching!

- Tom Philp, LPC & CEO

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